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Die Neue Westfälische Zeitung listet sieben dystopische Romane, die seit der Amtsübernahme von Donald Trump die Bestsellerlisten erklimmen, darunter John Feffers Roman »Splinterlands«.

John Feffer Splinterlands

Hier geht's zum Artikel auf NW.de

1. George Orwell. 2. Margaret Atwood. 3. Sinclair Lewis. 4. Hannah Arendt. 5. Philip Roth.
6. "John Feffers "Splinterlands": Erst Ende 2016 erschienen, ist dieses Buch bislang nur in der englischen Version erhältlich und derzeit in den USA sehr gefragt. Feffer lässt den Leser mit seiner Dystopie in das Jahr 2050 blicken. Die Europäische Union existiert nicht mehr, Supermächte wie Russland und China sind zerfallen, der Nationalismus regiert, die USA gibt es nur noch auf dem Papier, der Klimawandel ist ungebremst."
7. Philip K. Dick..

Haymarket Books, December 2016. 130 pp

Part Field Notes from a Catastrophe, part 1984, part World War Z, John Feffer's striking new dystopian novel, takes us deep into the battered, shattered world of 2050. The European Union has broken apart. Multiethnic great powers like Russia and China have shriveled. America's global military footprint has virtually disappeared and the United States remains united in name only. Nationalism has proven the century's most enduring force as ever-rising global temperatures have supercharged each-against-all competition and conflict among the now 300-plus members of an increasingly feeble United Nations.

As he navigates the world of 2050, Julian West offers a roadmap for the path we're already on, a chronicle of impending disaster, and a faint light of hope. He may be humanity's last best chance to explain how the world unraveled—if he can survive the savage beauty of the Splinterlands.

John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies. In 2012–2013, he was also an Open Society Fellow looking at the transformations that have taken place in Eastern Europe since 1989. He is the author of several books and numerous articles. He has also produced six plays, including three one-man shows, and published a novel.