Ursula Hasler Roumois

Ursula Hasler studied German and Psychology in Zurich, and went on to live and work in Paris for almost ten years. France, its history and language have become Ursula's second home.

Back in Switzerland she worked as a translator and lecturer at the school for interpreters in Zurich, followed by many years in managerial positions at the college. Currently a professor at the Zurich College of Applied Science (ZHAW), Ursula has published widely on a variety of science-related subjects.

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Ursula Hasler Blindgänger


Limmat (March 2016)
358 pp



After a complete memory loss, 58-year-old Jean-Pierre Marty follows the advice of his therapist and immerses himself in the notes of "the other", as he calls him, who spent the previous summer in Royan, a small town on the Atlantic in France.

In the notes he meets a man who, like Jean-Pierre himself, is looking for his roots. Adopted, with biological parents unknown, "the other" was presumably born at the end of World War II somewhere on the Atlantic coast in France.  And Jean-Pierre finds a manuscript with details on the life of a small fishing community under German occupation, which "the other" seems to have connected to his own life.

The more Marty learns about the other man, who he may or may not be, the less he wants to become that man again. But how can he build a future life if he doesn't have a past? Will he remember eventually, or begin a new life from nothing? The surprise ending perplexes both the therapist and the reader.