UrsZürcher cAyseYavas 2 r©Ayse YavasUrs Zürcher, Ph.D., studied History, Philosophy and German Literature in Basel, and has a Ph.D. from Zurich University. He was a lecturer at Basel University and is currently a teacher and head of department at a training college in Basel.

Urs Zürcher's doctoral thesis about teratology (»Monsters or Freaks of Nature«) was published by Campus Verlag. He also published articles and essays in various magazines. »Der Innerschweizer« is his first novel.

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bilgerverlag (August 2018)
240 pp


What happens when life is reset like an electronic system?

A country road in the fog. A car crashes. A man wakes up in ICU with no memory of who he is or where he belongs. His life is a dull blank - and an increasingly contested waste land. A woman who pretends to be his wife, a psychologist who craves recognition both squeeze into the book of memories. It is a photograph that finally triggers an unexpected turn of events.

Urs Zürcher's cinematographic novel Alberts Verlust is a sad and bizarre psychodrama set in a remote auberge in the moody landscape of autumnal Swiss Jura.

Urs Zürcher Der Innerschweizer


bilgerverlag (February 2014)
ca. 650 pp

Basel 1980: For a young man from the hinterland, the city becomes the place of tumultuous, apocalyptic riots. The student becomes the breathless chronicler of a world that collapses without warning. The Cold War turns hot, and the Switzerland we knew ends up in a geopolitical conflagration.

Urs Zürcher's remarkable debut asks the seemingly innocent question what might have been if. It's a clever, grotesque and entirely original literary mix of fiction and historical truth.

DER INNERSCHWEIZER is a novel like a foehn storm that hits Switzerland and Europe, turning everything upside down.