In November 1962, Erich Linder, René de Chochor, Paul Fritz and further partners founded Linder AG in Zurich. With Paul Fritz at the helm, the startup opened its first offices on Gerechtigkeitsgasse 22 in February 1963. To this day, the Agency represents German language translation rights on behalf of publishers and agents in English (and, more recently, Spanish) speaking countries.

Peter S. Fritz joined the Agency in 1975. After Erich Linder's death, the company changed its name to Paul & Peter Fritz AG in 1984. In 1978 the Agency moved to Jupiterstrasse 1, where it remained for nearly forty years. Since autumn 2022 the agency has its offices on Neptunstrasse 20.

In addition to the representation of English and Spanish language agents and publishers in Germany, the agency represents German language authors worldwide.

We work closely with associated agent Dörthe Binkert, and offer administrative services to agents Ernst Piper, Astrid Poppenhusen, Agentur Wenner and Dorothee Schmidt.